For the sake of the environment. And because it is a matter close to our hearts. Our measures for a little more sustainability in tourism.

With good conscience

Breakfast (nearly) Zero Waste

Admittedly: We are not yet 100% successful with a zero waste breakfast, but we are working on it. You won’t find any individually packaged foods on our breakfast buffet. We buy everything in bulk packaging so that as little waste as possible is produced. With the intention to reduce as much as possible in the future. And if there is any (dairy) bread, fruit or other food left over, our kitchen crew will whip up delicious smoothies, cakes, muffins and anything else that is left over from the buffet.

Leave your car

The journey by public transport is rewarded

If you decide to leave your car behind and travel by public transport, we will pick you up at the train station Saalfelden or Zell am See free of charge. So you avoid not only the annoying traffic jam, but also a lot of CO2. Once you have arrived at Haus Jausern, you can use all public transport in the entire Pinzgau for free in summer with the JOKER CARD. In winter, with a ski ticket, the ski bus costs you nothing. But you don’t really need it, because from Haus Jausern it’s only a few meters to the Schönleitenbahn and the Schönleiten downhill runs almost past our house.

Some would say: Ski in – Ski out.

Lend me your charger

E-charging station – of course!

It goes without saying, but we would like to mention it anyway: At Haus Jausern you can charge your e-car.


Exchange room cleaning for bar voucher

If you don’t need fresh towels every day and don’t find daily cleaning and vacuuming necessary, you’ll save valuable resources and energy. We reward this with a voucher for our hotel bar. Simply hang the red card on your room door and let the reception know, order your drink, sit back and enjoy.

Steaming hot

Clean thing

We clean our hotel using dry steam cleaners. In this way, we save a lot of chemical cleaning agents and thus protect our employees and the environment. Wherever possible, we avoid the use of chemical cleaning agents.

Supporting roles are played by..

…our wellness bags made from garbage

Not quite. Because where some people see trash, Sissi Vogler from Salzburg sees valuable materials. Refished” produces bags in all shapes and colors from old fish food sacks. Our wellness bags are upcycled unique pieces that do not pollute the environment additionally and are produced under fair working conditions.

have a shower.. Friend

Body care – regional and resource-saving

In every room at Haus Jausern you will find All Body Shower Gel and Body Lotion by Be […] my friend in refillable bottles. The products of the sustainable skin care label from Salzburg are purely plant-based and of the highest organic quality. Short supply chains, social responsibility and resource-saving management. Naturally free of dyes, parabens, mineral oil, aluminum, silicones, softeners and all the other ingredients that our skin does not need. Of course, strictly without animal testing! This is what Be […] my friend stands for and we are happy to support it.

Voll Holz voll wichtig

Use of natural materials.

Wherever possible, we have made sure to use natural and environmentally friendly materials. The fabrics – that is, curtains, towels, napkins, etc. – are made of linen or cotton, the floors and furniture are made of solid wood, instead of laminate.

Energy, thanks to sun and heat recovery

Hello Sunshine

A significant share of the energy in Haus Jausern is provided by the sun and the heat recovery of our ventilation system. In accordance with the motto “Progress instead of perfection”, we are always working to optimize energy consumption in our house.

Pfiat di Schlapf`n

Oneway is no way!

Disposable bath slippers have been a pain in the neck for us for a long time. Now we have taken the plunge and removed them from the room equipment list. We ask you for the catwalk to the spa and through the garden to pack your flip-flops, slippers, doggln, Schlapfa, sandals or just really comfortable footwear! If you should forget this we have of course still a pair of “spare kicks” in the house