Mum time out

Great love in the belly


Celebrating all the Wonder Women out there!

Heavy bones, tired legs and hormones doing somersaults.

Thank your wonderful body for the high performance it achieves and treat yourself to some time off at Haus Jausern.

Grab your most faithful companion and spend some lovely feel-good days.

always included….

Pampering board and all Haus Jausern amenities

Joker Card- Feel light as a feather and gondola to the peaks and refreshing mountain lakes

Free shuttle service when arriving by public transport

1 bottle of non-alcoholic Prosecco

Bath additive, for a relaxing bath

High sleeping comfort thanks to bio-cuddly down and side sleeper pillow.

Cool evening air and a little surprise


Minimum stay 3 nights

Room category: Avantgardist